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According to a recent study I read, for more than 20 years, 85 million visitors from all over the world have been coming to France every year. These are the reasons why France has become the world’s leading tourist destination. Indeed, there are many reasons for this success. I highly recommend you to visit the country because of its gastronomy, the variety of its regions, its cultural and natural heritage. Visiting the city of Paris is a must, and all these breathtaking landscapes and ski resorts should not be overlooked.

If your wish is to make a trip alone, as a couple or with your family, my blog is the ideal place for your intention. On Oliver’s Outings blog, you will learn more about the best tourist destinations in the country. On the other hand, I will help you discover France in all its splendour, the things to do during your stay and all the forms of entertainment you can enjoy. Keep reading to find the best tourist destinations that attracted me at the beginning of my journey of exploration.

Discovering France and its civilization

The French Republic is located in south-western Europe. It is composed of the overseas territories and several departments. The capital is Paris and the official language of the country is French. The population is estimated at 65 million people. It is the fifth largest economy in the world. The total area of its territory is 547,000 square kilometres. That of the overseas territories is 670 miles. It is the largest country in the European Community. Its climate is continental, temperate and humid. The winter periods are mild, but in summer it is very hot. Having always lived in an oceanic climate, I can imagine living here and enjoying all the differences between the seasons.

Discovering France and its best tourist destinations

The majority of travellers use tourist maps to better discover France or to plan their activities. That’s why I’ve chosen the top 5 of the best touristic places, so that tourists don’t get too much of a headache :

  • Les Georges du Verdon : It is one of the places not to be missed to visit. Indeed, the Georges du Verdon form the most beautiful canyon in Europe.
  • Le Mont-Saint-Michel : Located in the heart of Normandy, the Mont-Saint-Michel welcomes a large number of visitors every year. There are restaurants, a famous abbey, and a magnificent view of the bay.
  • The Garden of Versailles: As its name suggests, it is located within the Palace of Versailles. This historical place was the residence of the greatest kings of France. There are 386 works of art.
  • Val d’Isère: It’s a small village in the high mountains. This region is famous for its winter sports.
  • The medieval city of Carcassonne: Medieval architecture fascinates all tourists who set foot there. The origins of this city of the department of Aube go back to the Gallo-Roman period.

My recommendations on things to do during your stay in France

You can’t discover France or have a good stay without first knowing what to do. Whether it’s for winter or summer holidays, in France, there are a multitude of possibilities available to you. The diversity of the territory offers you several ideas for hikes. You can visit amusement parks, green spaces, museums, or go on mountain or boat trips.

The entertainment I experienced during my stay in France

When it comes to entertainment in France, you can’t fail to visit the country’s most popular casinos and enjoy a unique experience. Who knows, you might have the same story as me and have the chance to go home with huge winnings, as every new player receives different types of casino bonuses and plays the games for free. A wide range of entertainment options such as blackjack and roulette will be within your reach. It is also possible to play on online gaming platforms. On the other hand, make sure that you are in a legal casino before making real money bets.

Indeed, the favourite leisure activities of the French vary according to the season. In winter, various sports are very popular. On the other hand, in summer, there are sports, hiking, biking, jogging, water activities (surfing, jet skiing, canoeing, etc.), movies, theater and the beach. Those who like to go out at night tend to frequent nightclubs and bars.

Discovering France will do you a lot of good because it is also rich in castles. Taking advantage of the spas will also allow you to relax in a good bath. If you are an animal lover, aquariums and zoos will also please you. Nightlife lovers will be able to visit the magnificent nightclubs and restaurants of Paris. However, in France, Germans appreciate the castles of the Loire Valley, Asians prefer wine regions and Americans have a weakness for Normandy.

If you want to discover authentic places, Oliver’s Outings blog will always be there to recommend enriching travel experiences that will change your life, no matter what season you visit the country.

Keeping them safe, healthy and happy

Isn’t the aim of all parents to keep their children safe, healthy and happy?

Well for me it certainly is but I came across one issue…

A lack of time!

Life is about balance for me. I want to do the best I can for my family’s wellbeing but it just can’t take hours of my time.

So I went on a mission… I knew there was a way of making this stuff simple.

The result is some seriously nutritious meals you can cook faster than you can say Jamie Oliver and plenty of practical, real world child safety tips that will leave help you feel confident you are doing the best for your child.

I’ve discovered so much and my friends often ask me questions… and that’s why I started Oliver’s Outings.

A blog dedicated to ensuring your bundle of joys stay happy, healthy and above all safe.